Feels Like July Outside

POSTED: Thursday, May 7, 2009 - 10:20pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 12:33pm

Intense weather conditions here in the valley. The burn ban has been extended 6 times since the start of the year. Day and night, temperatures are higher than usual.
This afternoon, in the Upper Valley with the humidity and temperatures combined it felt anywhere from 106 to 112 degrees outside.
A heat wave is gripping the valley.
It's May 7th, and it already feels like the Fourth of july, outside.
It's not only hot temperatures plaguing the valley, but extreme drought conditions are continuing..
Sunny, and hot days are here.
"These are temps more representative of the month of July or late-June."
National Weather Service Meteorologist, Jeral Estupinan says, daily temperatures have been about 10 degrees higher, this May, compared to previous years.
For this time of year, this will be a heat wave.
And it's not only high temps, he says, which could pose a problem.
"It's very dry now."
Extreme dry conditions, could cause grass fires to ignite.
Estupinan says, the last time the Valley had a good rainfall was at the end of February, when a quarter inch of rain, drenched parts of the valley.
A good rainfall, and a cool breeze is exactly what Brownsville resident, Silvia Ramos says, she wants so she can feel some relief.
She says, "The humidity, the heat, and your body, you can feel it."
With all this heat, Silvia says she still finds a reason to smile.
"Lately, I've been hanging out here with some friends by the pool, just to keep myself fresh."
Meteorologists say if you're gonna spend all day by the pool in these hot temperatures, drinking plenty of h20 is the way to go.
Estupinan says, " The heat is a silent killer, you can be outside for long periods of time, and it won't strike you until the last minute."
"People need to drink water if they stay outdoors for long periods of time."
The National Weather Service says it could be the end of May, before we start seeing some relief from the heat, humidity, and dry conditions.

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