Feds: Four Officers Guarded Cocaine Shipments


POSTED: Tuesday, January 1, 2013 - 9:19am

UPDATED: Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 3:42pm

HIDALGO COUNTY, TEXAS - The investigation continues into the four law enforcement officers who allegedly escorted drugs for money.

Three more alleged drug escorting suspects showed up in US district court this morning. Former mission police officer Jonathan Trevino and Hidalgo Sheriff's Deputies Fabian Rodriguez and Gerardo Duran. The men were charged for helping to escort drugs. It's a crime that is slap in the face to two departments who fight to up hold the law.

But when the badge is off the sheriff says he will play a different role.

"I am also a father and as a father I have to support my son. And I will support him to the very end."

These men were part of a task force designed to target drug trafficking. Fellow Law enforcement officials are Sheriff Lucio says along the Border Temptation is to commit wrong is very high. Sheriff Trevino says he is not willing to release the names of the other three until the FBI and department of justice allege them in the case.

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The real crime here is the way this article was written. Kids,here is a perfect example why you should stay in school ...

Do you not employ a proof reader?! It should be an embarrassment that it made it to publication. So many errors that it was difficult to read.

Odd that these narco police would turn around and hire a cartel lawyer to defend them

Who was the author of this article? It is poorly written. As for the officers and deputies charged - I am ashamed to admit that I was born in Hidalgo County, but I am glad that these men are being brought to justice.

When Cops are corrupt, no one is safe.

Such corrupt officers should be punished

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