Federal ruling to allow law enforcement to collect DNA samples

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - 7:55am

A new federal ruling will allow police to swab for DNA on anyone arrested for a major crime, Na'tassia Finley reports how this has become a privacy vs public safety issue.

"DNA is a reflection of modern day society, just a modern fingerprint to the effect that it's able identify the perpetrator.", stated Cameron County DA Luis V. Saenz.

A modern day finger print by way of cells from the cheek. The Supreme Court has ruled that officers are legally cleared to take DNA samples from persons arrested for felony crimes, samples can then be entered into a national database, to see if a hit comes up for any unsolved crimes.

Cameron County DA Luis Saenz supports the decision and he hopes it will help to close unsolved cases, but he's also quick to say that DNA alone is not something that will solve a case outright or that it's always even needed, each case differs, "It's very critical in some cases, but in most cases you have eye witness testimony, you have circumstantial evidence, that you really don't need any DNA, but there are some cases that are very critical and some cases that the only reason they were able to solve them is because of the DNA that was found."

Right now only 26 states allow DNA samples to be taken after a felony arrest and without a warrant.

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