February 21, 2012 News Center 23 Morning Update

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 - 10:32am

Good morning, I'm Na’Tassia Finley with your News Center 23 update. Today is Tuesday, February 21st, 2012.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is in McAllen today. She'll be meeting with state and local law enforcement to talk border security. Monday Napolitano met with U.S. Customs and Border Protection acting commissioner David Aguilar. She received a briefing on the department's effort to secure the border. We'll have more on her valley visit tonight in your Upper Valley report.

The death toll from this weekend's prison riot in Monterrey, Mexico has grown to 43.
A fight broke out early Sunday between the guards and inmates.
A security spokesperson says a group of prisoners started a riot and took one of the guards hostage.
Dozens of prisoners were killed before the guards regained control. Relatives gathered outside demanding information from police. This isn't the first prison riot this year in Mexico, 31 prisoners died in Altamira in January.

The Harlingen Police Department has asked us to alert you to an apparent telephone scam.
If you get a call from somebody saying he wants to give you a large U.S. government grant, what he really wants to do…is take your money.
If the caller wants you to send a processing fee to an account number in India police say you should hang up and call the Harlingen Police department.

Hundreds of red head ducks have been injured and even killed because of unmarked power lines on South Padre Island. In most instances the red heads are unable to see the power lines; the ducks end up dying on impact or are too injured to survive. Even if the duck is fortunate enough to be taken into a rehabilitation center the chances of survival are slim. Steve Liptay of Sea Life Center in Port Isabel confirms he’s seen an increase in the amount of injured birds in recent months, but the injuries aren't limited to just red head ducks. Liptay says that marking these power lines with bright ribbons or covering should prevent the injury to local birds and ducks. Electricians are currently working to fix the problem.

What a horrible sight to see! Not very many people get a kick out of seeing that blinking light or the gas gage teetering on the empty line because that means another trip to the gas station, another punch to the old pocketbook. Gas prices right now in the lower valley sit between about $3.43 to $3.45, but experts are saying gas could reach $5.00 a gallon by this summer. According to AAA, the price of gas has increased 16% in the past year.

Three teens are charged with criminal mischief. Brownsville police say Rogelio Maldonado, Jesse Castillo and Giordano Culvert spray-painted fences, mailboxes, and get this a police unit last week. Now investigators are trying to figure out if others were involved.

A federal judge says it's unconstitutional to jail teens for not paying truancy fines.
The McAllen judge sided with the ACLU saying it's contrary to Texas law and violates constitutional protection against being jailed because of inability to pay court-assessed fines.

A reminder that Charro Days 2012 is underway this week.
Festivities kicked off Sunday morning with the "Baile del sol" event.
Hundreds turned out to enjoy the food booths, music and entertainment.
The festival continued last night at Sam's Stadium with the annual Fiesta Folklorica, an exciting festival of folkloric dances and music from Mexico performed by students.

Join us tonight for your Upper and Lower Valley reports right here on News Center 23 tonight at five and ten. Have a great Tuesday; take care!

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