FBI offering $10,000 reward in the case of little girl found dead under tarp

Thursday, July 4, 2013 - 10:50am

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward in the case of a young Texas girl who's turned up dead. Reporter Arezow Doost has more as the 6 year-old's father spoke following the discovery of her body near their neighborhood.

"Please respect our privacy during this time of tragedy," Alanna Gallagher's father didn't say much, but felt he had to say something, "We urge anyone with information about her to contact the police."

Saginaw police say at this point they do not consider family members to be suspects.

We also learned that the department has received many good leads about a red truck spotted in the area where the body was found.

Dispatcher: "Saginaw 911 What is your emergency.

Caller: "We got a dead body on the corner."

Caller: "I think it's a little girl in plastic bag."

Investigators released this chilling 911 call from the night Alanna's body was discovered under a tarp about a mile from her house.

I haven't even opened it all the way up but I can see the legs and everything . There's a belt around it. Tape.

We know what the FBI removed from a family car parked in front of their home: plastic bags, toilet paper, a blue-gray tarp, black electrical tape and other colored tape including red.

"I would see her a lot just walking around trying to find somebody to play with," Stephanie Bryant lives a few doors down.

She says Alanna often was at her house playing with her younger sister.

For parents like her who are now afraid to let their kids outside alone, police had this message: "I can assure the community.. you are perfectly safe in this community .. I believe this is an isolated case."

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