FBI and Lifelock Host Identity Theft Summit for Brownsville P.D. Investigators

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 - 9:06am

BROWNSVILLE - Identity theft is on the rise across the country and the City of Brownsville is one of the worst areas for the crime.

According to the Federal Trade Commission the City of Brownsville is ranked second in the nation for the crime of identity theft. On Tuesday local law enforcement officers attended a conference at the Brownsville Event Center to learn more about how criminals use certain technics in obtaining personal information from identity victims. The event was presented by the FBI and LifeLock.com and explained to the officers various forms of identity theft as well as provided insight on the newest and most effective scam strategies to lookout for in investigating those crimes.

Lifelock Program Manager Paige Hanson stated, "We actually are bringing in the technology that these identity thieves are using. So if a device is found on an ATM, a gas station pump called a skimmer, we actually have these where the officers can look at these and can actually skim their own card and duplicate their own card, so they can see first hand how they are actually working."

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