Father assaults peeping tom caught looking at teen daughters

Friday, September 20, 2013 - 3:40pm

A father took matters into his own hands when he allegedly caught a peeping tom looking in on his naked teenage daughters. Police say they found the suspect beaten outside the family's New Mexico home, Regina Ruiz has the 911 recordings of the incident.

"Ma'am, there was a guy outside our window. A pervert. A pervert."

With fear, anxiety and panic in her voice, Katrina Chavez desperately tells police what unfolded the early morning of Thursday, September 5th.

Police say accused peeping tom, Dylan Maho, was gawking at Chavez's daughters from a window.

Katrina Chavez, "Looking at our daughters naked. And he's over here."

Chavez told dispatch her daughters are 13 and 15 and she has younger granddaughters in the house, as well.

Chavez told 911, that Maho allegedly attacked her son and that her husband, Emilio Chavez, has taken matters into his own hands.

Katrina Chavez, "My husband knocked him out. He's naked. Oh, my God."

Dispatch asks the mother if she can describe the alleged prowler's race, but the mom is too scared to get any further.

She asks someone this question, "He's not getting up is he?"

"No, he's knocked the f*** out."

Dylan Maho is still in the hospital and he has been charged with felony voyeurism.

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