Father and Son Arrested on Weapon Charges

Thursday, September 27, 2012 - 7:48am

Undercover police have busted up an illegal weapons selling ring recovering military equipment, a 38 super handgun, a shotgun and Uzi after a routine traffic stop and raid on a home. Two of the guns and a bullet proof vest were found and seized in the vehicle and the remaining evidence at a home. Sgt. Rudy Luna reported that the father and son team were headed to a location to sell the weapons, in the vehicle, to an undercover buyer, "Yes we did make two arrests, the father and son, the father is looking at federal charges because he is an undocumented immigrant in this country and the weapon that we did find at his residence had an obliterated serial number."

The serial numbers had been scratched off, but family members, of the father and son, are angry about the home being raided and believe they had every right to have the gun. Jennifer Perez, daughter and sister of the suspects arrested commented, "That was a normal arm and we had it for personal use because they have stolen on our house and we needed to protect ourselves. Everyone has one for protection." Police did state that undocumented immigrants have no right to carry firearms or have them in possession and that Ivan Perez has been charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon.

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