Farmers & Researchers Brace for Cold Winter Ahead

Friday, December 9, 2011 - 11:35am

Local farmers are bracing themselves for a cold winter. A significant dip in temperatures could be deadly for certain crops. This week's cold front caused minimal damage but winter has just begun. So crop growers are preparing for the worst. If temperatures were to get below 26 degrees for a long period of time serious damage occurs.

Local farmers have been monitoring the fields all week. Hoping the worst is over,  for now.  The last big freeze to hit the area was back in 1989 costing millions of dollars to the industry. Just because this week's cold weather didn't cause a lot of damage to crops doesn't mean farmers aren't worried about another big freeze.

Agriculture is a multi-billion dollar industry. If these farmers don't protect their crops the results could be costly. According to vegetable specialists a freeze comes every 15-20 years to the valley. If the last freeze was over 20 years ago looks like history may be repeating itself sooner than we think.

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