Family Speaks Out About Fatal Beating, Four Charged With Murder

Thursday, January 19, 2012 - 8:35am

SAN JUAN- Tempers flared Wednesday afternoon as family members watched five gang members face a judge. Four of them accused of murdering Rojelio Pardo Jr. early Monday morning. Police say Roberto Garcia, Arturo and Hector Mendoza and Damian Suarez viciously beat Pardo and left him to die next to a dumpster. Family members and friends could not hold back their emotions. They screamed out in frustration. Some even had to be escorted out. In fear of more violence and gang retaliation police did not take any chances. Every one was checked with a metal detector, every bag was searched.

Even though the suspects face life in prison, family and friends are still disappointed at the outcome.

"It wasn't fair, said Felix Pardo. "My brother didn't get a bond. He didn't get a chance. They beat him to death and threw him by the dumpster like trash."

Family members also believe the fifth suspect, Adrianna Garcia, should also be charged with murder. The family claims the beating started in Garcia's apartment. They say they are furious with the community. They believe if someone, anyone would have called for help that morning Pardo would still be alive.

Police say they are keeping an eye on this neighborhood as this family tries to come to terms with a death they say should have never happened. Police are still looking for 3 more suspects linked to the beating. They too will be charged with murder.

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