Family says they paid for quinceanera dress they have not received

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POSTED: Friday, May 24, 2013 - 4:08pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - 7:27am

"I was excited because I tried the dress that was kind of like the color of the one I was going to get, and I thought it looked really nice." said Valeria Cabrera.

15 year old Valeria Cabrera from San Benito was hoping to get this dress for her quinceañera.
Cabrera was very excited because her and her family had big plans to celebrate the big day in Mexico City with family.
They were supposed to pick up the dress on May7th from Ceci's Fashion in Brownsville. Cebrera's mom paid big bucks for this beautiful dress.

"The first time I paid $320, the lady called back and said the dress was ready, in order to get the dress I needed to pay the remaining $400 for a total of $720, but I never received the dress." said Juana Cabrera.

Cabrera's mother says they still haven't received the dress or their money back.

"I am upset because this person receives my calls but doesn't answer them, and when I go the store it's closed." said Juana Cabrera.

Valeria Cabrera says what the store did to her parents is not right.

"I want them to give the money back because that had been my parents savings, and for the lady to not have my dress makes me angry because it not fair."

Because the dress isn't ready Cabrera had to reschedule her big plans for Mexico City to July 27th.
The family has also filed a police report against the Ceci's Fashion.

"Newscenter 23 went to the store and saw a closed sign. Newscenter 23 ran into some people who were looking to pick up some items they have already paid for.

Frances Cabrera is supposed to pick up accessories for a dress for a 16th birthday in June.

" I was supposed to get it a long time ago she is never here and I call her and the number is disconnected, and this other number, first they say they know her, and then they say you got the wrong number, so come on you know you made a mistake give us our money back." said Cabrera.

"I can’t go buy it again, I don't have the money, all this came out of my pocket because I work and I don't make a lot and I pay for it out of my pocket." said Cabrera.

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The crime that News23 is committing is that they are allowing for someone of the editing staff to post a story when they can't spell the word "received"...especially online where such thing as spell check exists...just saying...

This is the number I have 956 455 8937. I have recently texted her and she has responded, not as I wish she would. I too paid for a XVnera package. Which is scheduled in two week. I have not received anything.

Is there anything we can do to close her business. She is stealing from hard working, honest citizens?


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