Family Reaches Out After Death of Loved One

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 - 8:34am

A La Joya family grieves for 19-year-old Kevin Andrew Garcia.

"I wish he got through it, I wish this never happened," said Osvaldo Sarmiento.

Andrew was a senior at La Joya High School.  He passed away Wednesday after battling complications related to Lukemia. His cousin Osvaldo says Andrew was like a brother and his best friend.

"Depressed. I can't go to school. I'm trying to get through it but it's sometimes hard and I just break down," said Osvaldo.

A fungus in Andrew's lungs quickly spread and claimed his life after just four short months. Everything happened so quickly, but his family was by his side even leading up to his final moments.

"The last time they told us to get out of the room...we were there for a while and seeing his pulse go down to 37, that's when they told us to get out," said Osvaldo.

Now that it's come time to say their final goodbys, after medical expenses, there isn't enough to go around for a proper burial.

"We had a lot of faith that he was going to come back home and stuff that we didn't even, it didn't even cross our minds. I don't think my aunt wanted to think about planning the funeral," said Andrew's cousin, Stephanie Sarmiento.

Family members are pitching in, but it's still not enough.

"We're just trying to help. Like it hurts me to come and say this but I have to for her, I'm doing it for her, for them," said Stephanie.

The La Joya school district says they want to help in any way they can and have set up an account to aid the family with Kevin's burial.

Kevin is expected to be laid to rest at the Garden of Angels Cemetary in Mission.


You can donate money to:

Federal Credit Union (La Joya, Palmview & Weslaco)

Account Name: Kevin Andrew Garcia

Account Number: 800303

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