Family Members Welcome Troops Home


POSTED: Sunday, August 22, 2010 - 9:32am

UPDATED: Thursday, August 26, 2010 - 1:10pm

Crowds of loved ones held up signs, flags and snapped photos of their heroes coming back home after serving overseas in the war.

150 soldiers from the Valley arrived at Valley International Airport early Friday morning and then heading to Weslaco's First Baptist Church to reunite with family and friends who were waiting for their arrival. The Martinez family had to say good-bye to 19 year-old Jesse nine months ago as he was deployed to Iraq. Jesse did like what he did in Iraq, but says there's nothing like being back home.

The Escamilla family was waiting for father and husband, Miguel, who left his wife and two children in the Valley as he served in a combat mission in Iraq. Miguel's wife couldn't hold back tears after seeing her husband back safe and sound and the months apart took a toll on her and the kids.

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To Mr.Jesus A. Marinez and Michael Escamilla

Thanks for the Graces of God your are home and safe with your families.Wished I could have been there to receive you. As long as I could see your families receive you both with open arms. Thats great, brings tears to my eyes. I did my share, in praying for peace and safe re- turn for you both and everyone over there at war. Jesse and Michael, believe or not you gave me the best present ever, came home on my birth- day. YMGonzalez @-}--

My family and I waited, from Treasure Coast,Fl., and prayed for my cousins Jesse Marinez and Miguel Escamilla to return home. God has brought them home to us and their entire family. I thank the news reporters of Ch.23 for allowing us to see them for ourselves. We were able to hear of their return from our family in the Valley, but to actually see them brought uncontrollable tears to my eyes. May God continue to bless all the soldiers. To Jesse,Miguel and family we love and miss you all. Erica L

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