Family and Friends Of Carla Ramos Speak To News Center 23

POSTED: Wednesday, April 8, 2009 - 10:19pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 12:32pm

A woman who spent more than three years locked up while awaiting trial will soon be free - a jury found her not guilty of capital murder.
News Center 23 spoke with family and friends about the verdict, and joins us now with the story.
Now that she'll be set free, and her family and friends say, her freedom is a sweet thing.
One of 27-year old carla ramos' kids, Joe Anthony Ramos, says he can't wait to see his mom again.
Carla's mom, Elizabeth says she feels the jury made the right decision.
Today, after more than three days of deliberating, a jury found Ramos innocent.
Ramos had been accused of participating in the strangulation of 76-year old, Carmen Jacobson, back in January of 2006.
Jacobson was killed in her home, during a robbery.
Prosecutors tried to prove that Ramos was involved, but the defense claimed, Ramos sat in the backseat with her child, and knew nothing of the crime.
While Ramos, waited for a trial,friends say they always knew she was innocent.
"Lord we pray for Carla, God, we pray, she won't despair, and give up."
While Carla was at the Cameron County jail, Gail Hanson would go and pray with her.
Late last year, Hanson held a protest for Ramos in front of the courthouse.
"I just have this passion to help carla, because i believe she's innocent," she says.
Hanson says, that was her belief months ago, and today she's glad the jury recognized that truth....
"I'm ecstatic, i can't tell you how happy i am, i've been calling everyone, e-mailing everyone, and i'm so relieved, overwhelmed, i knew she was not guilty."
While in jail, Ramos wrote a letter to Hanson, saying she wanted to be set free, so she could be with her four kids.
Today, she got that wish, these young kids,will now have their mother back in their lives.
But this case may not be over yet.
Tonight, the DA's office is asking that a mistrial be declared because to reach this not guilty verdict on capital murder, the judge had to drop all the other charges against her including murder, robbery, burglary of habitation, and theft from an elderly person.
The family says, they expect Carla home tomorrow.
But she could now be turned over to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, because she's been living in the United states Illegally.
Friends are working on getting her an immigration lawyer.

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