Fake government site is a virus

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POSTED: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 4:12pm

UPDATED: Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 8:20am

Like any normal teenager 17 year old Kai Kapahua likes to go to Youtube and listen to music.
She was doing her normal routine when all of sudden she says something popped up on her laptop with a page that looked like an ICE Homeland Security page.

"On the screen it says your computer is blocked and to unblock it you have to pay $800 and I was freaking out because down below there is a list of things you could have done, even though I didn't do any of those there was a thing that said three to five years in jail, so that was freaking me out."said Kai.

Kai said she got really scared when she saw herself on her computer.

"There was a little box right here recording you, and it said recording on. When I first saw myself I said ok they are recording me, this is really creepy so I got a sticky note and covered it, shut my computer down, once I opened it, it kept recording and I was covered."

Kai then told her mom what happened.

"Coming home and your daughter is frantic, saying she is going to go jail, no parent wants to hear that, I made a couple calls and actually called you guys, and it ended up being a virus." Said Lisa Ann Kapahua.

Computer specialist Luis Gonzalez says he has worked on several computers with this type of virus. He says there are similar viruses claiming they are the FBI or Department of Justice.

"It's like worms and it’s eating at the database of the computer, it causes a lot of problems with windows itself."said Gonzalez.

In order to fix Kapahua's laptop they had to delete everything on the computer and reset it.

"All my music deleted that I bought off I-tunes, everything deleted, so I had nothing on my computer."said Kai.

The Department of Homeland Security says to never pay or give any personal information to these scam sites..
They suggest you report it to the HSI tip line at 866-347-2423, keep operating systems and legitimate antivirus and antispyware software updated, and contact a reputable computer expert to assist with removing the malware.

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