Fake Gold Switcheroo

Monday, October 10, 2011 - 2:06pm

Security cameras show two men scamming jewelry store with gold swap.

When Myrna Munoz received a phone call from two men who said they wanted to sell some gold jewelry, she did not think it was suspicious.

It's happening more and more and they had a story to tell.

"They said that they had a lot of jewelry that all the family members came together and put all their gold and that they were ready to sell it because they had a family emergency," said Munoz, with the Joyeria El Ruby store in Denver, Colorado.

Munoz says they handed over a bag of real gold jewelry complete with 10 pieces that were tested and amounted to about $11,000.

Munoz says they were in the process of giving the two men cash for their gold when their apparent plan went into play.

"My mom was counting the money out for them. They manage to switch out the bags of the gold," said Munoz. "So, they left all this which is fake gold and they took the real gold with the $11,000."

The whole caper was captured clearly on the store's surveillance system.

The thieves were a tall, slender Hispanic man and a short, stocky Hispanic man.

The tape shows that when store owner was not looking, the shorter man takes the bag of real gold under his arm and replaces it with an identical bag.

Munoz says it was filled with exact replicas of the real stuff.

"There was a Cuban cut chain like this. There was a man's bracelet just like this," said Munoz. "It was 45 grams that we purchased to them as real gold and this fake gold weighs exactly 45 grams."

Neighbors say they saw the two men sprint from the store and jump into a black SUV.

Munoz turned everything over to Denver Police with high hopes they'll be caught, but little hope of getting the cash back.

Munoz says losing that money is a big blow.

"You know, family-owned business, try to make a few sales here and there and somebody comes and takes all our profit," said Munoz. "And, not even our profit, that's money we owe."

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