Faith & The GOP

Monday, October 10, 2011 - 2:41pm

Debate over the Mormon faith enters the GOP presidential race.

All the major Republican candidates will be in New Hampshire for a debate Tuesday, and for the intimate campaigning the Granite State is known for.

Rick Perry needs a comeback, while Mitt Romney needs a win.

Romney campaigned mostly against President Obama during his time in New Hampshire.

Romney's polling at 37 percent there, triple the next Republican, businessman Herman Cain.

Romney is also on the attack against Rick Perry.

Perry's policy is to pay the college tuition of students who entered the U.S. Illegally.

Perry has been wounded by his immigration policy, the "n-word" former name of a family ranch
and by his lackluster debate performances.

Tonight he's hunkered down, focusing on tomorrow night's debate.

"He prepares for everything he does. He's going to be in good shape tomorrow night and in the weeks going forward," says spokesman Ray Sullivan.

Perry plans to slam what he calls "Romneycare".

His campaign has posted a preview, the toughest video of the campaign so far.

Meanwhile, desperate to break through are Michele Bachmann and John Huntsman.

Huntsman has even moved his headquarters to New Hampshire.

Mitt Romney's problem remain the contests that come later:

South Carolina, then Florida and Georgia, southern primaries in Rick Perry country.

They're states where Romney's Mormon faith, called a "cult" by a major Perry supporter, could again become an issue.

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