Facebook vid flap over 4 year-old running beside car

Sunday, December 22, 2013 - 10:03am

A Texas is defending a home video showing his 4 year-old son running beside his SUV. The dad says it was just a "playful moment" between a father and son, but as Tiffany Craig reports, he's received a lot of backlash since posting the footage online.

Brandon Yates, Father, "This is how we train for football: daddy drives and you run"

We found that dad and son, they live in Willis,

Tiffany Craig, "You don't exactly fit the stereotype that we were all picturing."

Brandon Yates, "No that's one of the main reasons I wanted to get my story out there"

Brandon Yates posted the video of 4 year-old Clay on Facebook in September, for friends,

Brandon Yates, "Come on faster!"

Clay, "I'm going fast as I can."

Brandon Yates, "Come on. I don't wanna hear your excuses."

The video of little Clay has since spread around the world, some loved it, others were outraged and even got death threats.

Brandon Yates, "Saying that kid has a chance to play for the Texans and I got a call saying I should be a special teams coach for the Texans."

Tiffany Craig, "There are people saying you're the worst dad in the world, you're a child abuser and what do you say to that?"

Brandon Yates, "What I say that is that's what's wrong with society people who jump to judgment way to soon."

Brandon Yates, "We got to buckle these up."

Clay, "Yeah, we got to buckle them up."

Clay loves football too and as a lesson for repeatedly unbuckling his car seat, dad put the little boy out on his grandparents private road, which turned into pretend football training.

Brandon Yates, "You wanna play for the Texans or Cowboys. If you wanna play for the Cowboys you better pick that sh** up...don't stop, run, boy."

Clay, "My hip."

Brandon Yates, "I don't wanna hear no excuses, run!"

Clay is an only child and a little spoiled, so his mom was amazed by the comments, Samantha Yates, "Clay is not in any danger; he's not hurting; we don't abuse him or anything like that"

The video ends with a final turn into the driveway, dad in the SUV, right behind Clay in his Crocs, "Better hurry up. That's what I thought. You better grab another gear."

The 26-year old dad never expected the backlash, from a video shot in good fun, "It was just a playful moment between a father and a son who just got back from watching the Cowboys get beat again and him wanting to have aspirations to play football."

Brandon also says he'll be more careful when it comes to posting videos.

He'll make sure Clay is in tennis shoes and he'll be running with him, instead of driving.

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