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Thursday, October 14, 2010 - 9:52am

Mother turns to Facebook to find hit & run driver who injured her son.

A Southern California mother is tapping into the power of social networking to find the driver who hit her son while he was riding his bicycle.

He says a driver hit his bike, sent him flying over his handlebars, then left the scene.

Victim Nick Hargraves now lives with road rash, torn tendons and memories of the driver.

"She rolled her window down and she was like 'Oh, I'm so sorry.' Just saying she didn't see me, but didn't get out or anything to see if I was okay," he says.

Nick's mom Cami Stanley turned to the internet next to help police locate the driver who harmed her only child.

"Absolute anger like nobody's seen. That's why I've done what I've done because I'm pissed. I'm a mom. Mama bear is what all my friends are calling me right now," she says.

The impact dinged Nick's bike and sent him to the emergency room.

"Even though I am injured I am just thankful that I didn't fall on my head," he says.

Cami now hopes cyberspace will point to the driver, it's already restored her faith in human nature.

"We're creating a voice for this son of mine but it's not just a voice, we're screaming and people are listening," she says.

She's created a Facebook page dedicated to finding the driver, and is also using Craigslist and G-Mail as part of her effort.

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