Facebook murder, "She started throwing stuff."

Friday, October 11, 2013 - 3:54pm

A: She basically came into the room. She basically mentioned--she started ranting about, you know, why we didn't... I didn't want to wake her up at 1:30 after we went out last night to Miami Yacht Club and I mentioned to her that my stepdaughter was passed out by 10:30 at night.

Q: So she was upset about a plan that she had for you to wake her up at 1:30 this morning?

A: Yes, yes, Correct. And then she started throwing stuff, objects towards me as a weapon. And then I pulled out my weapon. And then I told her - hey back off or I'm going to call the cops. And she was go ahead call the cops, whatever. You're not going to do anything.

Q: You say that she was throwing things at you. What exactly was it that she throwing at you?

A: Towels, mascara, creams, anything she get her hand on boxes, shoes, anything in the room she could throw at me. I just ducked. I got hit in the face a few times.


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