Facebook "fire challenge" ends with teen setting himself on fire

Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 10:48am

A teen gets an idea from Facebook and now he's warning others not to make the same mistake, Victor Puente reports.

Covered in burns and bandages, Victim, "Unbearable, yeah, basically, I just recommend y'all not doing it."

The 15 year-old says he didn't know what to expect when he poured rubbing alcohol on his chest and lit it, Victim, "After it got put out, it was already blistering, so, yeah, it's just hard."

He says he got the idea from Facebook, after seeing videos of something called the "Fire Challenge", but those videos never showed the after effects.

Victim, "Just watching it and never seeing what ended, being childish."

One of the firefighters who took that teen to the hospital says burns like the ones he received could effect him for the rest of his life, Chris Harrod, Lexington Fire Department Captain, "Second or third degree burn can stay with you for life."

Lexington parents who have seen the fire challenge on Facebook say things like this one are of the reasons they keep a close eye on what their kids access.

Debra Smalley, Parent, "I monitor his Facebook account, so any social media that he's on, I'm on, he knows he cannot have it unless I can see it."

Back home from the hospital, the 15 year-old says he's learned his lesson and he hopes what happened to him will warn others, Victim, "You can get caught on fire and die, your house can get caught on fire."

Debra Smalley, "I would hope most kids would look at that and learn from that experience and not do what he did."

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