Face To Face

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 - 9:48am

The President and Republicans meet at the White House for talks.

Today's White House meeting with top Democrats and Republicans is sandwiched between tomorrow's debt commission report…how to cut spending...and Monday's announcement of a federal pay freeze that President Obama says will save 28 billion dollars over five years.

IRS Employee Anne Devereoux said, "Everybody realized there's a huge deficit and gotta do something to fix it."

But the pay freeze is just a drop in the bucket. The budget deficit hit one-point-three trillion this year.

Republicans want more: a hiring freeze.

But today they'll focus on your taxes. Extending the Bush tax cuts for everyone, or just for the middle class? The White House says keeping tax breaks for the wealthy will cost 700 billion dollars.

"We're going to have to budge on some deeply held positions and compromise for the good of the country," said President Obama.

Republicans want an up-or-down vote on a permanent extension.

Indiana Representative Mike Pence said, "This is more of the push me pull you, you know, Dr. Doolittle approach to Washington policy the American people are tired of."

Also today, the President and Congressional leaders will discuss whether they can approve the "start" treaty with Russia to reduce nuclear weapons.

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