Exclusive: Aunt Of Beaten Baby Speaks Out

Friday, June 24, 2011 - 8:17am

Destiny Barrients Will Be Taken Off Life Support Friday

MCALLEN- A Upper Valley baby girl who has been on life support after being badly beaten by the mother's boyfriend will be disconnected Friday. Both the mother and her then-boyfriend were charged with injury to a child back in November of last year.

The baby's aunt only spoke to News Center 23 regarding how she feels about what's about to occur and hopes the crime brings a message to all.

Destiny Barrientes was beaten by Jose Roberto Reyna according to Sheriff deputies after her mother Veronica Solis left her in his care. Destiny has been in a coma since then and on life support but Friday she's expected to get be disconnected from it. Vanessa Solis the sister of Veronica Solis spoke exclusively to News Center 23 and says that child protective services gave the permission to doctors to disconnect little baby destiny.

"What I feel, I don't know maybe its for the best maybe it’s the best for her, I just want the best for her," said Vanessa Solis. "You touch her, she feels your warmth and she shakes and she moves and she trembles its beautiful, she's gorgeous, she's a beautiful baby."

In November of 2010 Solis and Reyna were formally charged with injury to a child. Sheriff deputies said CPS advised Solis not to leave the child with Reyna because he was a frequent user of marijuana. Solis' sister says she had to leave and go to work in order to earn money to take one of her sick kids to the doctor because they didn't have welfare nor health insurance.

" It was a bad choice she made, she had to leave the baby with that man. She was apparently was going to work two to three hours just to make the money to take her other baby to the doctor, and when she got home, she never suspected any of that to happen. If she would have known, she would have acted right then and there."

The Sheriff's department say Reyna beat the child after it would not stop crying sending baby destiny in a coma. At the time Sheriff Trevino mentioned if the baby was to die--the charges facing Reyna and Solis would increase to capital murder.

"Anything in this world to get her baby back, but its not happening. She's broken in a million pieces, she feels very guilty, she knows, she's just a human being who made a bad choice, that's all."

As the family continues to move forward they hope that this brutal crime sends a message for all.

"Even though babies cry, its not them because they want you to get mad, its because something wrong and they want you to care for them," said Brittney Molina, Destiny's cousin.

" You loose your control, this is what happens, everybody needs to keep in mind that babies will cry, that's what they do. That's their way of communicating. Talk to somebody if you don't want to be taking care of a baby, if their going to cry. Get help, take them somewhere , if you know you can't deal with them take them somewhere where they can be safe," said Solis.

The family hopes to see baby destiny again whenever that time comes.

"We all said goodbye, we all saw her we kissed her and we told her that she's not leaving us but we will catch up to her soon," said Solis.

If you would like to make a donation to help for the funeral and medical expenses for Destiny you can at Greater Texas Federal Credit Union located at 416 South Jackson Road, Edinburg and say you would like to make a donation to the Destiny Barrientes account.  Or Call them at 956-316-8334.

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