Escaped Animals Quarantined

Friday, October 28, 2011 - 9:27am

Six survivors of Ohio private zoo escape won't be going home yet.

Neighbors near Terry Thompson's former exotic animal farm said they are glad Ohio state officials quarantined the surviving animals, preventing them from returning to the farm.

Thompson's wife, Marian, brought a trailer to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Thursday, hoping to take her animals home.

It has been more than a week since Terry Thompson released 56 animals at his farm including lions, tigers and bears before committing suicide.

Police shot and killed 49 of those animals. Six of the animals were captured alive and taken to the Columbus Zoo.

The animals were slated to be returned to Marian Thompson.

However the Ohio Department of Agriculture announced a quarantine on the animals, preventing that.

"These animals need to be in a safe place, cared for by professionals who know what to do with them and let it be at that," said Fred Snider.

Snider's lived near the Thompson farm all his life.

He said Marian Thompson's mom was his high school teacher.

He describes the family as good, loving people.

Snider said it would not terrify him if the surviving animals returned to the farm, however he thinks it is best the animals remain at the zoo.

"Exotic animal farms probably are okay but there's no regulation to take care of the animals in a certain way," he said.

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