Escalator Hawk Rescued

Thursday, November 10, 2011 - 3:34pm

Passing veterinarian helps free bird trapped on escalator at Washington train station.

A hawk is recovering after getting disoriented on the way out of Washington's Eastern Market Metro.

The animal somehow got onto the ascending escalator at the station there Tuesday morning.

Witnesses said that as the animal go to the top of the escalator, the bird's wings were getting stuck in the moving parts of the steps.

The animal would flap to free itself, but then wind up in the same spot.

A man reached down and grabbed the hawk off the steps, but it flew from his hand, into the glass of a bus stop directly outside the station.

A veterinarian was one of the people that came to its rescue.

Dr. Jeanne Richards helped to handle the disoriented hawk, and then called for Animal Control.

The hawk has been transported to the Raptor Conservancy of Virginia, a sanctuary for birds.

The bird had injuries to its wings and talons, but was otherwise okay.

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