Epilepsy Treatment Diet

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 - 10:30am

Ketogenic diets that are high in fat can be medical therapy for epilepsy patients.

For one family, managing their daughter's epilepsy treatment starts everyday with breakfast.

They never dreamed that changing their daughter's diet would change her life completely.

Nadiyah was diagnosed at 13 months with lynex gesteaux syndrome.

It is a severe form of epilepsy that, in addition to seizures, dramatically affected her development.

Nadiyah did not respond well to seizure control medicine, so the Pelovitz family came to see Dr. Eric Kossoff at the John Hopkins Children's Center.

The associate professor of pediatric neurology co-authored this book on ketogenic diets as a medical therapy for epilepsy.

"The diet is something families have to agree to do. It is restrictive so it is a 90 percent fat diet with very low carbohydrates and in a way like the Atkins diet but much more significantly restrictive," said Dr. Eric Kossoff, pediatric neurologist.

Dr. Kossoff says the diet puts patients in a state of ketosis that mimics starvation.

The doctor says it can be adapted for kids from infancy to adolescence, and now even adults are having success on the diet.

While most patients stay on the diet for about two years, Nadiyah has been on it for five, and Jill says it's changed the quality of her daughter's life completely.

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