Friday, January 14, 2011 - 3:02pm

A new take on a popular exercise machine is catching on.

The elliptical has become one of the most popular exercise machines at the gym. Now you can enjoy this type of workout without being stuck indoors.

Rael Vanderpool of Elliptigo says “you step over like any bike. Put your leg right up, you push and there you go.”

The Elliptigo. I'm told A-Rod trains on one of these.

Rael says “this machine you see right here will tone and shape your gluts like nothing you've ever been on. Your quads get firmer your calf muscles tighter."

Because you're standing it's a weight bearing exercise that's easy on your knees and comes with 3 speeds.

Rael says "you can be a jogger a runner a sprinter all in one machine without the impact affecting the joints of the body."

The Elliptigo weighs 35 pounds. And costs $2,499.

There aren't too many of these wheeling around. So Rael Vanderpool gets this kind of reaction.

A bystander says "it's something that seems like sci-fi. They look at you and go wait a minute."

This bystander decided to give Elliptigo a try and it didn't take long for her to catch. Like riding a bike, without the seat.

Check elliptigo.com go to find a dealer near you.

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