Eliminating E-Clutter

Friday, November 18, 2011 - 12:22pm

There are steps you can take now to keep you inbox clean during the holidays.

If your email inbox runneth over, digital de-cluttering expert Heather Cabot says you might first take a look in the mirror.

With the holidays coming up and the possibility you won't be checking email for days on end, Cabot says at the very least change how much of, what she calls, "bacon" you receive, bacon being the opposite of Spam.

"Spam is unsolicited email, it's email that you didn't ask to receive at all whereas bacon is the email that you legitimately signed up for, even if you did it inadvertently," she explains.

The way you cut down on bacon is to un-subscribe from it.

"Don't delete it, because if you delete it, it will keep coming back," Cabot explains. "You actually need to open up the email and go down to the bottom and it will ask you if you want to unsubscribe, click that link and take your name off the list."

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