Election Day June 18th, Candidates Speak Out One Last Time


POSTED: Friday, June 17, 2011 - 2:57pm

UPDATED: Saturday, June 18, 2011 - 7:37am

If you haven't voted yet, you're urged to do so. Saturday, June 18th is run-off election day.

"The number of people that come out tomorrow are going to be the ones that are going to decide who are going to be the commissioners for Brownsville in those districts, so it's important for those districts to come out and vote so they have a voice and choose who's going to be on the commission and represent them," said Cameron County Elections Administrator, Roger Ortiz.

Ortiz added early voting for this run-off election has been low with only slightly over 19-hundred voters coming out to the polls.

The city government election back in mid May failed to name the winners in two positions after the top two finishers in both the Commissioner at Large "A" position and District Four position, didn't claim over 51 percent of the votes in those races.

Right now Robert Lopez and Estela Vasquez Chavez are both running for Commissioner at Large "A". Everyone throughout Brownsville is eligible to vote in this race. The two candidates share a similar agenda, how each candidate plans to initiate their ideas, if elected, remains to be seen.

"What I would like to focus on is the revitalization of downtown and my other focus is to bring more industry to the area which would in turn create more jobs," said Commissioner at Large “A” candidate Robert Lopez.

"We have three goals we're focusing on which is the downtown revitalization, the economic development and basically promoting our city. We need to do a more enthusiastic job of promoting what we have in order to recruit, but we have to develop our infrastructure to recruit the industry which will in turn create new jobs for our community," said Commissioner at Large “A” candidate Estela Chavez Vasquez.

The spot for commissioner in district four is also still up for grabs, only those living within district four can vote in this race. We caught up with the two candidates, one a professor, one a business owner.

Dr. Tony Zavaleta and John Villareal will be on Saturday’s ballot.

"District four is falling down. I live right in the heart of district four on Levee St. It's dilapitated, it's dirty and each year it gets worse and worse and I want to be an advocate for district four and the people of district four," said District Four candidate Dr. Tony Zavaleta.

"I'm youthful yet I have that connection with the older people in my neighborhood, in my district. In block walking I've gotten to know their needs and the issues in our community and I'm ready to tackle them," said District Four candidate John Villareal.

Eighteen polling sites will be open from 7am to 7pm, final results are expected to be announced no later than 9pm Saturday night.

A full list of polling sites can be seen by following the link below:


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