Elderly Eviction Fight

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - 10:52am

90-year-old renter claims Bank of America is in violation of federal law.

On a typical morning you can find Eve Ball outside her Porterville, California home, sitting on the porch, sipping coffee and listening to wind chimes.

"It's been my home ever since my husband past away," she says.

That was 11 years ago.

Her son Barry bought the home for her.

Three years later he sold it and negotiated a 10 year lease for his mom with the new owner.

In October, the owner foreclosed.

Bank of America took over, stopped accepting rent and sent Eve an eviction notice.

"It's somewhat ironic that we as taxpayers bailed Bank of America out in the first place and now they're not keeping up to their end of the bargain as promised," says Barry Ball.

Eve took the fight.

Her attorney, Alex Reed-Krase claims the bank is breaking federal law, the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009.

"Tenants have a senior interest and banks can't just kick them out...they have to live out their lease," he explains.

In court bank attorneys said the law shouldn't apply in this case.

The judge heard both sides and said he'll make a decision soon.

Until that happens, Eve says she's not going anywhere, "I think this may help someone else going through this I hope."

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