Education Nation: Smart Pens

Thursday, September 20, 2012 - 8:26am

High-tech pens are taking the place of chalkboards and notebooks.

A smart pen is making a big difference in Collier County, Florida classrooms.

It's quickly taking the place of chalkboards and notebooks.

"A lot of times students have trouble taking notes, writing things down and listening, doing two things at once," says Tom Keer, a Math Specialist at Corkscrew Middle School.

The Livescribe pen can do everything at once, so students don't have to stress.

"Sometimes she would talk a little too fast and I would be still writing something while she would be explaining something else," said student Janine Cortesi.

Now kids in don't have to get caught-up with catching-up- because the pens are at every school across the county.

The pen records everything a teacher says and writes, and kids can access the information from any computer in the world.

"It gives students a personal tutor at home, they can re-watch lessons, relearn things," said Keer.

"Sometimes I don't get everything down right when it's said so I always rewind and play over," says student Autumn Rybak.

Students can work at their own pace and teachers can keep a closer eye on them.

Some pre-record lessons and play them in class, which frees the teacher up to walk around and monitor progress and problems.

"Makes it where you can kind of clone yourself," says Keer.

That helps give students more individualized instructions based on each student's needs.

"It helps me get better grades," says Rybak.

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