Education Equals Money

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 - 8:27am

Studies show college graduations earn 70% more over a lifetime.

Even if you're not a parent sending kids back to school this fall, you need to care about the state of education.

Tom Clark heads the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation and says education equals money.

According to Clark, "a high school graduate will make about $1 million in their lifetime. A college grad will make around $1.7 million."

Clark says when people make more, there's more revenue to build things we normally wouldn't have, like bike trails and nice places to eat.

Clark also says the more money residents make, the more taxes they pay as a group, and that ultimately makes our streets safer, leads to less civil unrest and benefits the country from a national security standpoint.

Still not convinced you should care about education?

Clark says remember this: Today's students are the ones who will be paying for you Medicare and Medicaid.

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