Edinburg woman loses over 150 pounds by just changing diet


POSTED: Monday, February 11, 2013 - 4:07pm

UPDATED: Sunday, March 10, 2013 - 7:31am

Even Kathy Lee and Hoda had to know what took Valley resident Lisa Smith from over 300 lbs to 160 lbs today. The answer is simple, a change in diet and a little time.

"So I started weight watchers in April 2011. In 22 months, I started out at 313 I think, and now I am at 166," said Lisa Smith, Edinburg resident.

Smith has always struggled with weight issues from the age of nine, but it wasn't until her early twenties that the pounds really added up.

"When I got heavier, after I got married, it was like I kind of didn't want to think about it. And so I never really realized how much it was really increasing over the years," said Smith.

The weight made an old back injury flare up to the point that just moving from point A to point B was difficult. So Smith made a change, and that change was Weight Watchers.

"Weight Watchers it is a gradual process, so at the beginning you don't start eating very, very small portions," said Smith.

Building up to smaller sized portions, she and her husband start to shed the weight without hardly any exercise. Both smith and her husband agree, it's a transformation she couldn't have done alone.

"It is an effect you both have to buy into. If I didn't want to eat the food, because I just would rather go have a steak than have baked chicken tonight, it doesn't help her situation any. And so you are in the same boat, if the spouse isn't supportive of what is going on it's almost as if they are doomed to fail," said Bryan Smith, Lisa's husband.

Smith isn't at her goal weight yet, but plans to keep this life style change up for the rest of her life.

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