ECycling Your Electronics

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - 8:44am

Don't dump those gadgets in a landfill.

You have heard of "recycling," but how about "e-cycling?"

It's for people trying to get rid of an old TV, computer or other electronic device.

Green Monster E-Cycling in West Hartford, Connecticut accepts household e-waste free of charge.

"If you don't get recycled properly it's either going to get burned or wind up in a landfill and lots of toxins can come out of the circuit boards if it's out there for a long period of time," says Green Monster's Joe Galiatsatos.

More than 20 Connecticut towns work with Green Monster to haul their recycling.

All of this costs towns and residents nothing.

Manufacturers like HP and Dell actually have to pay for the disposal and recycling of their household devices.

"All the residential waste that comes in from our state and towns we have to certify and bill out accordingly for the manufacturers to get billed correctly," Galiatsatos explains.

The recycler turns a profit by taking apart the used electronics.

"A lot of the end users reuse circuitry. A lot of the precious metal gets refined for the gold, silver, coppers, aluminum. There's a lot of copper wire in there," says Galiatsatos.

Green Monster will also take in air conditioners or small appliances from people looking to get rid of old stuff in an Eco-friendly way.

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