As Diesel Fuel Prices Drop, Truck Drivers Breathe Easier

POSTED: Friday, November 14, 2008 - 7:45pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 12:32pm

Gas prices aren't the only one's showing a steep decline. Diesel fuel had been at over $4/gallon several months ago. But now, one station in Brownsville is selling a gallon of diesel at $2.76.

Some truckers drive cross-country for a living. They spend weeks away from home and with the extensive driving, they have to make many stops to fuel up their big 18-wheelers.

Not too long ago, Joe Havis, who has driven trucks for 30 years, was paying $800-900 to fill up.

“It was rough. It was rough.”

That amount was shocking to him. During his entire trucking career, he had never paid that much for diesel.

“Not that high. I’ve never seen it that high.”

With those soaring prices, truck drivers' pocketbooks felt the effects. Eusebio Bravo and his family suffered financially. He tells us he didn't have enough to pay the bills and got behind on many of them. Before the diesel crunch, he says he had money left over for fun activities with his family, but when the prices skyrocketed and his bills not paid, he was forced to stop those weekend outings. But he knows he wasn't the only one in a crunch. He saw it on the roadways. he noticed less truck activity.

Benito Alonso thought about leaving the business all together. His checks got much smaller. He says he went from making $2,500/week before the diesel increase to only $1,000.

Although these drivers suffered financially for quite some time, they say that's in the past and they're looking for a brighter future which for them it means paying even less for diesel.

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