Dynamite Wish Fulfilled

Monday, May 7, 2012 - 10:47am

Terminally ill 8-year-old gets the chance to blow things up.

Evan Lacks has undergone years of chemotherapy as part of his battle against leukemia.

Now that he is feeling well, the 8-year-old wants to see an explosion more than anything.

“Explosions are cool. You get to see a big ball of smoke in the air,” Evan said.

California's Calaveras County Sheriff’s Bomb Team and the Make-A-Wish Foundation were happy to make Evan’s wish come true.

Evan and his family witnessed five blasts in Calaveras County Friday morning.

“It was awesome. I liked the Hollywood one with gasoline because it had a lot of big flames going,” said Evan.

“It is a really special day. Evan’s dream of seeing an explosion is actually taking place and we are so thrilled for him,” said Shelly Lacks, Evan’s mother.

“Today is about overcoming a tough ordeal for many years and not being able to exhale for most of it. We can finally breathe and enjoy life for a change,” said Todd Lacks, Evan’s father.

“I feel great to see him smile. We understand tragic events, but we hope he forgets about that for awhile when he is with us,” said Sgt. Blain Smith, with the Sheriff’s Bomb Team.

Evan and his family will spend the rest of the week in California before heading back to Texas.

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