Drying Out

Monday, June 20, 2011 - 6:48am

Drought is quickly creeping across several states.

Drought conditions are expanding and intensifying across much of the United States.

People, crops and animals are all struggling with severe drought from New Mexico to Florida.

Much of Texas is bone dry.

Fields are parched.

Some crops like corn have already failed, others are threatened.

So are cattle herds.

"With the drought situation that we're seeing in Texas right now, you're going to see record low cattle numbers fall even smaller," says rancher Missy Bonds.

Temperatures are soaring in Louisiana, where many local governments are considering banning the sale and use of fireworks because of the fire threat.

Lake levels continue to fall across the South.

Conditions are so bad in south Georgia that wells are drying up.

Homeowner Bryan Spell is draining his backyard pool one bucket at a time to share with those in need.

"We're carrying buckets of water back and forth to the neighbors," he says.

Florida is also suffering.

86 percent of the Sunshine State is experiencing drought.

Wildfires are burning, waterways and wetlands are drying up...forcing alligators in many places to search for more water, too close to people.

Forecasters warn the widespread dry conditions are forecast to continue.

"The atmosphere's capped, so storms are not developing like we'd like to see them, so as a result, there's not going to be any real relief in the next week, 10 days in most of these areas, especially in the deep south and Texas," warns The Weather Channel's Mike Siedel.

Experts also say that remnants from a tropical system could provide widespread relief, but that likely won't happen anytime soon.

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