Drummer granny mystery solved

Monday, July 22, 2013 - 10:48am

Identity of viral sensation, drumming granny revealed.

In less than two days, more than one million people watched a Youtube video titled "Grandma Drummer"

It featured a presumptive grandma banging out a perfect rendition of Wipe Out on the drums.

Well now the identity of the viral sensation is no longer a mystery.

Heather burian caught up with 63-year-old Mary Hvizda to discuss her new-found fame.

Her identity, no longer a mystery. Mary Hvizda is a Youtube viral hit.

Her rendition of wipe out, a knock out.

At 63, the La Crosse native scored hundreds of thousands of internet views.

When asked about it...

No... I didn't know.

She just knew there was Coalition drum shop and when she walked through the doors a year and a half ago they let her play.

Her first performance in a decade.

I was like wow, you know, drumsticks again. It's been a while. I wonder if I still know how to use 'em. And i'm hoping I'm ok with 'em but regardless of whether I'm good or not or as good as I used to be, it's just neat to be able to do it again.

Mary now stops in every few months. Saturday, she gave an encore performance.

Yeah, I have wanted it but I never pursued it because I never thought I was ever good enough to get it and because so many people tried but never succeed.

But Mary did play in several bands in the Coulee region. Spanning from rock to country western.

She even gained a little fame playing for the the Chantelles one of La Crosse's first all-female rockbands.

Saturday she got another taste.

She's excited about it. She wished it would have been 20 years ago I think she said but you know, better late than never.

Coalition drum shop would like to give you a drum set.

Are you kidding me?

We're gonna come set one up in your apartment next week.

Coalition owner Carl Johnson giving mary an electric drumset so she can practice.

There's just something about music that brings me up.

But to play on one of these she'll be back at coalition showing off that now famous drumstick twirl.

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