Drug Raid Seizes 4,900 Lbs Of Dope One Person Arrested

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - 8:44am

MCALLEN- More drugs are off the streets Tuesday, after a major drug raid in McAllen that got one person thrown in the slammer. It happened at 121 Fern Avenue, where Mission police and the DEA found more than three-thousand pounds of marijuana.

"now it is so dangerous---it's horrible," said Fred Ridings who lives a few blocks down the street where this drug raid was happening. He was born and raised in the Upper Valley and says he has never seen the drug trafficking this bad

"I'm afraid to walk down the neighborhood get off at second street because we run into things like this," said Ridings.

Mission Police along with the DEA conducting the raid were tight lipped about releasing further information. News Center 23 was able to witness investigators carrying bundles and bundles of marijuana, it totaled up to 4,9000 Lbs. They filled up six pick up trucks while a man was taken into custody.

Ridings use to travel a lot into Mexico with his motorcycle and since the recent spike of drug violence he's doesn't do that anymore and expressed how he feels about drug trafficking in the U.S.

"We're flying the American flag but this area is acting like a third world country," said Ridings. One solution he proposes...
" Personally i have never smoked cigarettes or marijuana or any illegal drugs but i have come to the conclusion to legalize that stuff to stop people from killing innocent people," said Ridings.

There's no word if that person taken into custody will face any charges. The drugs and the person arrested were turned over to the DEA's office.

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