Drought Conditions In Lower Valley Causing Water Problems

Thursday, April 14, 2011 - 10:22am

There's no question about it...its hot outside. As the temperatures continue to rise,  so do the concerns about water levels. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has stepped in.

There is an on going drought through out the entire state.
As dry and windy conditions remain high in the Lower Valley, water levels remain low.

Brownsville isn't under any type of water watch just yet but water officials are keeping a close eye on resacas to avoid any shortages.

Water taken from the river is important. It is used to fill local resacas and thousands of Brownsville residents rely on it. But because pumping is so limited right now, the Brownsville Public Utilities Board is asking the public to watch their water usage.

BPUB is currently assesing the water system. They say they'll do whatever they can to avoid a water watch and hope residents can help out.


Green lawns and water conservation are possible. Here is how:

• Water your lawn only when it needs watering. To see if your lawn needs watering, step on the grass. If it springs back up when you move, it doesn’t need water.
• Deep-soak your lawn. When you do water, water long enough for the moisture to soak down to the roots where it will do the most good. A light sprinkling can evaporate and tends to encourage shallow root systems.
• Water during the cooler parts of the day. Early morning generally is better than dusk since it helps prevent growth of fungus.
• Don’t water the gutter. Position your sprinkler so water lands on the lawn or garden, not paved areas. Also avoid watering on windy days.

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