Drivers with Unpaid Tickets to be Denied Vehicle Registration Tags

Thursday, October 7, 2010 - 11:51am

The Scofflaw program is going county wide.

It's a program we first told you about back in July, the city of Harlingen implemented the program first and now Cameron County will be putting the breaks on drivers who owe money to the cities throughout Cameron County.

"It allows the Tax Assessor-Collectors office to stop or not issue a license plate or license renewal, tile transfer on a particular vehicle." said Tony Yzaguirre, the Cameron Co. Tax Assessor-Collector.

A driver who has outstanding fines in either the municipal court or with any of the justice of the peace offices will be denied getting that registration tag or new plates.

"We take all the data and put it into the Texas Department of Transportation database and when an individual comes into the office there going to be stopped here." said Yzaguirre.

The county reports a combined $25-million is owed to cities throughout the county in unpaid fines. The goal is to motivate drivers to get in and pay their fines before being troubled with being turned away at the vehicle registration office.

By the end of the year the county plans on creating a website that will list those who have unpaid citations and warrants that are past due by 90 days.

Eventually, the Tax Collectors Office will also deny vehicle registration and plates for those who have unpaid property taxes here in the county.

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