Driver's Aggravation: Intentionally Speeding

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 9:56am

At one time or another, many drivers have been tempted to intentionally speed, in this segment of Driver's Aggravation Report we asked is it ever okay to speed?

We have asked our experts if there's ever a legal time that you can speed. Maybe if you're behind someone who is driving drunk, or maybe someone who's just driving  under the speed limit and you want to speed up to get around them, is it legal?

Driver instructor Amado Olivarez stated, "Definitely not. If you're trying to pass a dangerous driver and you're caught doing over the speed limit and you have a state trooper, local law enforcement, with a radar, guess what? He's going to pull you over. So as he's pulling you over, bottom line is at that point, you're speeding."

DPS Trooper Maria Hernandez stated, "The driver is not allowed or should not drive at a greater speed than reasonable, especially if he or she is aware that there is a greater risk as far as getting into a collision or getting into someone else's path."

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