Driver's Aggravation: Avoiding gravel rocks

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - 12:16pm

Today's Driver's Aggravation Report, what do you do if you're behind one those trucks that is dropping gravel or rocks. Probably at some point, all of us have received a chip to our windshield and are not really happy about it, what are you supposed to do?

DPS Trooper Maria Hernandez stated, "A vehicle towing gravel, dirt or sand, garbage, anything of that nature, with the exception of any agricultural product in its natural state, then they must have it secured either with a tarp or enclosed with its own cap. But if you encounter a situation as such, then maintain a safe distance you can also call in the license plates. One of the commercial vehicle State Troopers may go out to the scene and attempt to stop the vehicle on the expressway, but maintain your distance, would be the best solution."

Driving Instructor Amado Olivarez stated, "If you can be able to pass the semi, which are your typical calliche trucks, try to look for a way to pass them and try to stay at least 500 feet from the vehicle. If you cannot, personally, what I teach my students, if something like that happens, exit the expressway. Don't stay behind that vehicle."

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