Drive-by Shooting Disrupts Local Neighborhood


POSTED: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - 3:50pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 6:49am

"I heard the the shots, woke up out of bed..."

Isaac Gorena lives just a couple houses down from the shooting.

"It's kind of a scary situation. We don't know who they are or nothing. I've never met the people that live there," said Gorena.

Mission Police are investigating a shooting that took place early this morning on the 2200 block of School Lane and Shary Road. Over a dozen shots were fired that pierced windows and walls leaving several 9 Millimeter and 45 Caliber casings at the scene.

"It's a different place and it is scary," said neighbor, Tess Hamilton.

Nighbors say this is a safe area and were surprised to hear the shooting took place just a few houses down.

"Very quiet neighborhood, never happened before," said Guerra.

"I was shocked when I looked down the street and saw all the police cars," said Hamilton.

Hamilton has lived in the neighborhood for more than 50 years and says things are not what they used to be.

"I've been here all these years, I never thought about being afraid," said Hamilton.

Police chief says the 40-year-old homeowner was in the house at the time with his two children, but nobody was hurt. They are looking into several suspects and will be checking nearby surveillance cameras.
For now, neighbors say they will draw the shades a little more.

"Keep my eye open for anything going on, any suspicious activity going on in the future," said Guerra.

"It certainly will make me more alert about my surroundings that's for sure," said Hamilton,

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