Drenching rains in Iowa cause mudslides

Drenching rains in Iowa cause mudslides
Friday, April 19, 2013 - 2:50pm

Drenching rains are taking a toll in Iowa as Johnson County saw several mudslides Thursday. The worst wasbehind a dorm on campus at the University of Iowa, Mark Carlson has the story.

For students living in Mayflower Hall, it was a bizarre scene, not expected in Iowa. "We heard the mud come down, the trees and a bunch of crushing of cars. This guy comes in and he's like, hey check this mudslide, it just pushed all these cars together. I didn't believe him because sometimes he makes stuff up."

Oh, but this was very real. "It was a crazy scene. I didn't believe it. I've never seen something like that before."

Especially for the few people who's cars sustained damage. "She put her hands over here eyes, and she was like, 'Oh, my gosh. Oh, no!' It was a bad scene, I'm glad it wasn't me though."

Thursday morning cleanup got underway, a barrier was put up to prevent anything else from sliding down the hill. It wasn't the only cleanup of its kind. "In the middle of the night they were cleaning up a mudslide on park road, and getting that opened up before rush hour."

City officials say they haven't seen the ground this saturated in decades. Back at Mayflower, engineers believe the area is now stable. They plan to monitor the Hill, in the days ahead. "It was not the hillside collapsing, so much as it was soil and earth and other materials on the top of the hill washing into a ravine due to localized heavy rain."

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