Dozens of Sea Turtles Suffering from Hypothermia on SPI

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POSTED: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 - 6:12pm

UPDATED: Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 12:42pm

With frigid temperatures in the water, sea turtles on South Padre Island are struggling to survive.
Sea Turtle Inc says since Monday six or seven turtles have died, and they have treated around 80 sea turtles for hypothermia.

Workers are doing their best to save these turtles. Wednesday morning Tiffany from Sea Turtle Inc responded to Pier 19 after Bogey Nash and Zannah Nash spotted a turtle in trouble.

"They are something in the ocean, and  it is part of nature, so we have to protect them."said Bogey Nash.

Tiffany from Sea Turtle Inc was able to rescue the turtle.  For Bogey's and Zannah's efforts, little Zannah got to name the turtle.

Sea Turtle Inc. has been very busy bringing in the turtles.

The first step when they get to a Sea Turtle Inc is they are tagged.
They are then moved into a garage that's about 65 degrees and placed in plastic bins without water.

"The same reason they are not in water, they are floating lifeless they are too cold to pick their head up and breathe, if we put them in water they would drown."said Sea Turtle Inc Executive Director Jeff George.

Once they recover from hypothermia they are transferred to the tanks.

"These tanks are 69-72 degrees.”

Executive director jeff george says they will wait until the water in the Laguna Madre is warm enough for them to be released back to their home.

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