Dozens Protest Health & Safety Issues at Rio Grande Regional Hospital


POSTED: Friday, October 14, 2011 - 10:21am

UPDATED: Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 11:37am

Over 50 nurses and supporters lined the streets in front of Rio Grande Regional Hospital this afternoon demanding better care for patients.

"Their care and their safety is the upmost importance to all of us," said Nancy Gonzalez, RN. "If we can't deliver the care they righteously deserve then we're doing something wrong."

The nurses say they're overwhelmed. They treat up to 7 patients at once which is over twice the national guideline. They say it makes it difficult to give the kind of attention they say the patients deserve.

These nurses say their demands have fallen on deaf ears and that staffing issues isn't only problem. Over 80 complaints have been filed against the hospital within the last year. The nurses are saying management hasn't taken any action. The nurses say conditions at the hospital are cause for serious concern.

We contacted officials Rio Grande Regional Hospital and they released this statement:
" At Rio Grande Regional Hospital (RGRH), our focus remains on providing the best possible care for our patients. It is unfortunate that the California-based union, that represents registered nurses at Rio Grande Regional Hospital, is attempting to call into question the great work of hundreds of Rio Grande Regional Hospital employees. Our nurses have chosen to work at RGRH, and have dedicated their careers to caring for our community members. We believe this planned picketing is not really about patient care, but rather about the union's inability to get what it wants at the bargaining table. The hospital is bargaining in good faith and hopes to reach an agreement on a contract as soon as possible. In the meantime, we will continue to provide uninterrupted, high-quality healthcare to our patients and the community we serve."

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Everyone working in a hospital has a very important role in helping it to function. How can employees fighting against there fellow coworkers and hospital staff make a well repected hospital a better place. how does picketing increase safety for anyone? why would patients choose a hospital where nurses fight against there workplace. i only hope that the hospital wasnt short staffed due to employees picketing. Best of luck to all those non union affiliated staff trying to keep union members happy

Picketing is only informational, we are allowed breaks and on those breaks we can do what we need to do....Its not fighting w/each other but only trying to get them to realize how bad we have it and on how we can improve patient and safety care. When/if you ever WORK in a hospital maybe you can see where there can be some improvement....and for those NON-union when are you going to wake up and see that things really need to improve....

Is it fair to have 1 CNA for 40 patients? what kind of high-quality patient care is that. If management would only work on the floor 1 shift when we are short staffed they would see that patients do not get quality care they deserve. we work so hard come in extra and yet get no recognition. all we get are write ups, directors, managers, supervisors playing favoritism. Management needs to remember they were once where we stand. If it were not for the employees there would be no hospital

The hospital management does not care about patient care. All they care about is how much money they make. They say they care about their employees? While they sit behind their desks we are taking care of patients. Doing real work. They say they will provide uninterrupted, high-quality healthcare when during the rally they were giving out free food. Free food to distract employees from the rally outside. Isn't that interrupting patient care?

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