Downtown Brownsville Business Sales Down Due to Border Violence

Friday, December 3, 2010 - 10:11am

Violence continues to plague cities like Matamoros just right across the border from Brownsville.
Daniel Hong works at Gigante in downtown Brownsville. He has a store that sells toys and dollar items. He says he depends on Mexicans to come over and shop. With the violence it's really hurting him by them not coming over anymore.

"90 percent of my customers are from Mexico and you can clearly see there is nobody in the streets."

With no customers Hong says he says seen a huge loss in revenues.

"easily 50-60% we have lost, if it was just the recession we would probably be alight, but because of the violence in Mexico it gives us a double dose of negativity."

Hong says he says seen a decline in sales for the last three years due to the border violence. He says he hopes for the best in the future.

"pretty much a forgettable year for sales we haven't done that great, hoping next year will be better, but honestly don't see it not until the violence in Mexico is somewhat contained.

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