Double Uterus Twins

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 - 9:49am

A woman with a double uterus gave birth to twins.

Fraternal Twins Nathan and Natalie are finally together after spending the first nine months of their lives developing in different wombs.

By telephone their mother, Andrea Barbosa mentioned the moment she found out she was more than a little bit pregnant.

"Exciting, scared, a little bit of everything into one--all the emotions you can think if I had them," said Barbosa.

The sonogram technician who first spotted the babies growing in different uterus's couldn't believe it.

"She was just amazed she was basically speechless too because she didn't know what to say--she goes wait a minute there's another one," said Barbosa.

She had a double uterus after her first child two years ago, but Barbosa's Doctor, Patricia St. John didn't tell her a two womb pregnancy was possible.

"Actually it's so rare that I really didn't think it would be very likely that we'd see it--but indeed," Said Barbosas Doctor Patricia St. John.

Nathan and Natalie are the newsest members of an exclusive club that has only 100 known occurrences of two womb pregnancies worldwide.

The chances are about one in give million of a two womb birth.


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