Double Duty Delivery

Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 11:29am

Utah highway patrolman helps deliver twins when mom can't wait.

Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Cade Brenchley received an unusual assignment when he checked in with dispatchers at the start of his shift Tuesday.

A call had come in from a Wendover man, who was pulled over on the side of eastbound I-80 because his wife was going into labor. The woman was 36 weeks pregnant with twins.

"It was a little exciting," Brenchley said Wednesday. "I didn't know what was happening before I got there."

In 911 recordings, a dispatcher can be heard instructing the mother, who identifies herself as Maria, during the birth of the first child.

"I'm in labor, with twins, and I just can't take this pain anymore," the mother says.

In the recording, the couple is told to pull over to the side of the road to allow an ambulance to reach them. Shortly after pulling over, the first child is born and a dispatcher tells the mother to wipe off the baby's mouth and nose, tie the umbilical cord and wrap him in a towel.

When Brenchley arrived, he said the mother was in the front passenger seat holding the baby boy with the umbilical cord tied off with a shoelace.

Utah Highway Patrol troopers are given some instruction on delivering babies, but the training is not extensive.

"We have a little birthing kit," Brenchley said. "It has a bulb and clamps. I got a few things out to prepare and told her ‘If you feel like you want to push, go ahead and push'".

Brenchley grabbed his medical bag, and about 10 minutes later the second child, a girl, was delivered.

"She's a real trooper," Brenchley said of the mother. "She's the hero in this situation."

The parents did not want to talk to the media, but Brenchley said the twins, who were flown to the hospital, are doing well. Miguel and Jocelyn are the parents' fourth and fifth children.

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